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Better hair, skin, joints and even mental capabilities with one device is at hand now!

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) the simplest, and the healthiest element of the universe, available naturally as odorless "H2" in air and water, sadly not in enough quantities, to be considered therapeutic. Hydrogen is also produced by our intestines when digesting vegetables and even produced by internal and external melanin by photolysis of water.

You can enjoy the benefits of Hydrogen from an external source like bubbling water with a cool portable gadget or semy stationary device and soon you will enjoy better hair, skin, muscle force, even mental capabilities with one device!


H2 will change the life of your family (pets included!), happily, you can pick among portable and stationary devices, with these amazing devices, whether drinking it, breathing it, or even taking a bath in it, so we can get nurtured by it.

Around 1000 studies say H2 helps to several medical conditions. The highest level of scientific evidence is the "SYSTEMATIC REVIEW", read one on 2015 HERE.


Dr. Garth Nicolson Nobel Prize-nominated has also a Systematic Review

But if you want a brief gaze before going to deep on the abundant literature about its many healthy mechanisms, you need to know:

The H2 or "Molecular Hydrogen" is just two of the most minuscule atom on the universe, yes, two Hydrogen atoms spinning around each other, there is no other more simple molecule, on all physical existence, literally.

HYDROGEN is not limited to exert the best antioxidant effects but is a genetic modulator, giving regulating effects on your genetic expressions so your homeostasis is more and more optimized!

Molecular Hydrogen can travel through any kind of cellular membrane driving its healthy features everywhere inside of us.

Among these features, are energy metabolism optimization. Mitochondrial ATP optimization. This will help you not only to burn body fat better but to have more energy to be alive although you can sleep better with it!.

These and many other benefits you get from Hydrogen consumption, discover them, humanity needs them so much!.

Some testimonials of use of Molecular Hydrogen from Japan: 

Age 20's female (Sasebo resident) "I always have chipped nails and split ends. My hair is driving me crazy! After three hydrogen treatments, my nails have become much stronger. Hair breakage is minimal and split ends have stopped. So relieved!! Will continue to use H2 regularly." 

Age 21-Female employee (Sasebo resident) Job is to apply for eyelash extensions. "My neck and shoulder have become terribly stiff!! The next day after 1-hour hydrogen treatment, I felt relief! All pain is gone. I think hydrogen is amazing!!"  ○Age 75-Male (Sasebo resident) "My toes are always numb and asleep after sitting. After my 4th visit, feeling much better. After continuing treatment, my circulation is much better and my mobility has improved."

Age 37 Female (Sasebo resident) First to third treatment- "I wondered if I was lighter? Started to feel changes in my body and energy levels, especially in the evening. After work and parenting, normally left me feeling drained but now can read and enjoy the late evening. It is amazing!! Rise early energized. The skin on my face has changed. The texture and complexion are just amazing!! Stomach feels satisfied after just a small amount of food. Has my body's absorption rate increased? (lol) After continuing treatment, my thinking is very clear every day. I can do so much more easily."

Age 38- Female (Sasebo resident) "After my first visit I felt much lighter. It is hard to explain the feeling!! I visited the toilet many times to urinate. After my second visit - I worked late and then consumed quite a bit of alcohol, but woke up easily. Feeling great! After 3-4th visit started noticing that my skin was tighter and feeling much lighter. Skin feels much more hydrated than usual. 5-9th visit. Still feel great. Wake up easily every day. Spots on my face have been reduced. Started menstruating- much heavier than usual. 10th visit. Facial pores are shrinking and my appearance is improved. 12-16th visit. Feeling light on my feet and very alert. My stamina has definitely improved."

Age 40- Female (Saikai resident) First visit. While receiving eyelash extensions at Salon Hilulu. " Body feels so light even after lying down for 1 hour!!! I feel refreshed. Great first impression of Hydrogen. Will come for another treatment." (Came back following week).

Age 40- Male (Sasebo resident) "Didn't feel anything after my first treatment.  Woke up in the early morning the next day to use the bathroom. Normally my knees and ankles are stiff and crack while walking. I felt different... younger. Mind also very alert for 4:30 am!! Played sports my whole life. Definitely, have some wear and tear. After several H2 treatments, my golf game has improved significantly. Smooth and stable like I was 20 again!! H2 inhalation after hangover was like a miracle cure. Ready!!".

Age 41- Female (Fukuoka resident) First visit. "I think menopause has started. The last time I had my period was 6 months ago. The next day after H2 treatment I menstruated!! Really?! Shocked and feel relief. Now I need to come to Sasebo regularly."

Age 50- Female (Sasebo resident) "Just finished 2 months of hydrogen inhalation. After the first month was shocked by the positive results! My headaches are gone and there is no need to take painkillers anymore. My stamina and daily productivity have increased. My skin appearance has dramatically improved! Even my hair stylist commented after noticing that my hair was stronger. The biggest surprise was after my annual physical. Suffered from Sclerosis and my blood tests are back.  I'm off my medication now!!! So shocked. Thank you so much. I will recommend hydrogen inhalation to all my friends and family."  

Age 56- Female (Sasebo resident) "My appearance has improved and spots on my face have been reduced. I feel as if my body is much healthier. Was suffering from constipation, but not anymore. I feel great after my hydrogen inhalation campaign."

Age 24- Female employee (Sasebo resident) "Sprained my ankle and was very painful. After 2 hours- H2 inhalation treatment- the pain was completely gone the next day. So surprised!"

Age 40- Female (Hirado resident) After a first and second treatment I did not feel any change. Has been taking medicine for chronic neck pain. After my third treatment, I am no longer taking medicine! My neck is no longer stiff and a full range of movement has been restored.

Age 47- Female (Hirado resident) "There was no change until my 6th treatment. I noticed how beautiful the skin on my knees has become. Raising children and working has left me very tired, but my sleep quality is improving. I fall asleep easily these days. After my month campaign was finished the skin on my hands is very soft and my face complexion is much brighter. I'm still tired, but being able to sleep is definitely helping”.

In this Spanish article, you have several links with original scientific and medical publications, about its beneficial effects in several areas, covering: diabetes, arthritis, cardiac issues, anxiety, depression, etc